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I'm Coming Down Now!

An Alberta Ghost Story 

retold by S.E. Schlosser


Spooky CanadaThere was an abandoned house sitting in the middle of a fancy neighborhood in Calgary that nobody would go near. And I mean nobody!  Now , my pal Albert was the agent in charge of selling that haunted house and he tried everything in his power to close a deal.  But folks were too plumb scared to make an offer, even at rock-bottom prices.  Finally, Albert lit on the notion of selling the house sight unseen to a rich city slicker from the States. Worked like a charm, too, until the day the city slicker decided he wanted to visit the property after all.

Albert was all set to take the fellow there at high noon, but the city slicker’s train was delayed, so it wasn’t until after dinner that the two men set off for the haunted house. It was a dark and rainy night, but early enough in the evening that the ghost might still be resting. At least, Albert hoped this was the case.  

Albert unlocked the front door, and it opened with an ominous creak. Albert swallowed nervously, but the city slicker just chuckled and said something about atmosphere. Albert relaxed a bit, and wondered if he shouldn’t have raised the price a bit. The two men entered a tall foyer absolutely festooned with dusty cobwebs. 

“Creepy!” the city slicker said enthusiastically. He bounded energetically into the center of the foyer, “Come to me, foul spirits!” he intoned loudly.  

Immediately, the whole house rang with a sinister, unearthly chuckle.  Then an unearthly  voice boomed: “I’m coming down now!” The city slicker jumped and then turned to Albert with a happy grin. “Great special effects! How’d you do that?” 

“I didn’t,” Albert said, his teeth chattering. He backed up until he hit the front door and stood there with his hand on the knob.  

“I’m coming down now!” the voice boomed again, and the city slicker’s grin slipped a bit. He looked at Albert’s frightened posture and then followed the agent’s gaze toward the stairs.  

A bright light exploded into being at the top of the steps and quickly resolved into a sinister green head with flaming eyes, writhing hair, and fangs instead of teeth. The head opened its mouth and screamed; a terrible, high-pitched sound that scraped across the nerves.  

As the head began rolling down the stairs toward the two men, Albert’s nerve broke, and a moment later he was halfway down the road, his own scream rivaling that of the specter in the house behind him.  

It wasn’t until he was almost home that he realized that he had company. The city slicker was running along beside him.  

“Mister, I don’t think I want that house after all,” he panted.

“Why not?” asked a hauntingly familiar voice. Albert and the city slicker looked over and saw the green head with flaming red eyes keeping pace with them as they raced down the street. 

The city slicker gave a screech that would have shamed a banshee and disappeared into the distance so fast there was no keeping up with him.

“Must have been the asking price,” the floating head said conversationally to Albert. The real estate agent shrieked even louder than the city slicker and ran away so fast that his shoes made sparks against the pavement.

The next day, Albert quit his job and moved to Vancouver, where he spent the rest of his life working on a fishing boat.   And the haunted house fell into ruin and was eventually torn down. 

You can read more Canadian ghost stories in Spooky Canada by S.E. Schlosser.


That was scary, and funny. I could imagine someone running down the road screaming their heads off, its halarious!!!

wow. that was brilliant. is it a true storie? sounds a bit to much to be real, pity got any more good stories?

Wow, That Was Hilarious! Not Spooky At All. Good Though.

So, it's a happy ending, then?

haha thats funny

ehh, its not that scary kind of spooky but not that scary. I mean that it sounds like it should go into one of those " Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" but it doesn't sound that real. I mean come on! A floating head! that does NOT sound realistic!

Thats pretty hilarious.

I love this story! It's the most awsome yet!

Wow i think this story is intresting

I like this story.... thanks for puttin it up I have a story you can put up. There is a girl and a dog and everytime she put her hand under the bed the dog would lick her hand. one night the girl heard drip drop drip drop and she ignored it. she heard it again she ignored it. she heard it againg and put her hjand under the bed and the dog licked her hand. she heard it again and went to her mom's room and told her mom her mom said what are you talking about. she said never mind. she heard it again and ignored it. then the last time she went to look in the closet and there her dog was hanging dead. who was licking her hand. the dog killer was

wow no comments

that was a pretty cool story

i love this story

aww, I'm sure the ghost is harmless

first bit was scary!

I love the storie

hi i love this website

hilariously scary!!!!!

this was oddly...Funny

lol that was funny love it !

These is more comedy than horror. Imagine shoes lighting off sparks, hahahahh

Thats funny scary loooool People running in the street like CRAZY hahahahaha good one!

now that was a story

lol it was funny but i was kinda scared no dout!!!

omg this has a amazing sense of old folk lore and up to date stories lol it was awsome

I loved this story! It's hilarious! I mean what would you do if you saw a ghost and two men running down the street and screaming? Haha!

lol i liked that story hope theres more

wow this story is freaking awesome i love it out of all the stories i read before this one is the best thank you american folkore!!!!

wow..very scary and yet a bit funny mostly in the end part

Haha. That's funny.

Haha. That's funny.

that was actually pretty good... lol :)

this story was on one of the goosebumbs movies lol

This is a awesome tall tale

that was realy good

holy moley that was funny wen he said must have been the price

LOL! Loved it, wasn't scary, I feel sorry for the head it just wanted some company! :) I'd be it's friend as long as it wore a bag orver it's head! :D

thats crazy and funny

I looovvve it

I think the story was funny and interesting.A ghost with a sence of humor. Now maybe that was a house I could live in and have fun everyday.

“Must have been the asking price,” ha ha ha

that was really funny i would have wanted to live in that house even if it was haunted

love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was so funny! I loved the way that the author started like a folk tale & ended with a laugh. GREAT!!

If I was the cowboy, I would run, too

i loved this its scary but funny

wow!!! i like it!! hahahaha its scary at the same time funny.

love this story!!!!
its not really scary,but funny

I wanna say I would have answered the head and made convo with it, but idk...I get scared sometimes

This Made Me Laugh Alot :D

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