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A Texas Ghost Story 

Excerpted from Spooky Texas 

retold by S.E. Schlosser

 Spooky TexasOh, you hear the stories about how dangerous Ouija boards are, but hey—it’s just a game. Mary waited until midnight to begin our little game, and the four of us—Sarah, Jessie, me, and, Mary, started by asking all kinds of silly questions.

It was a strange-looking board, covered with letters and symbols. There was a plastic pointer that was supposed to move across the board at the behest of the spirits. The instructions called it a planchette.

Around one thirty in the morning, the planchette suddenly froze in Mary’s hand. It wouldn’t move, no matter how much we pushed and pulled.

Mary turned her frightened blue eyes toward me. “I’m not doing it,” she said, lifting her hands. I grabbed the planchette myself and tried to push it around, but it was fixed to the board.

Suddenly, a kind of electric shock buzzed through my fingers. I gasped and tried to pull my fingers from the planchette, but they were stuck. Mary and Jessie both tried to pull my fingers away, nothing helped. The other girls stared with wide, round eyes, as the planchette came alive under my fingers—which were still fixed to its surface—and began to move.

“Help.” The words spelled out under my hand. “Help me. Help me.”

The planchette kept moving back and forth between the h – e – l – p continuously, until Sarah cried out: “Who are you?”

“Amber.” The board spelled. “My name is Amber. I am eight years old.”

“What’s wrong?” Mary asked. Her face was so white all the freckles stood out like darkened age spots.

“Water. Danger. Help. Scared.” The words spelled out as fast as my hand could move.

“Call 9-1-1,” Mary cried suddenly. “Quick. Amber is in danger.”

By this time, Sarah was gasping into the phone. Then she hung up the phone. “They wouldn’t listen to me,” she told us, almost in tears.

At that instant, my hand was suddenly free from the planchette.

“She’s gone,” I gasped,

“See if you can contact her again,” Mary said urgently. “We need to know if she’s okay!”

I picked up the plastic planchette again. “Amber, are you there?” I asked softly, afraid of what might happen.

After a long pause, it moved slowly across the board and spelled out the words: “Too late.” And after another long pause. “Water. Flood. Drowned. Mobile. Alabama.” The planchette stopped.
I knew that Amber was gone.

None of us got much sleep that night. In the morning, we rushed through breakfast and then looked up the Alabama news on the Internet. None of us were surprised to read that there had been flash floods the night before.  I read the names of those who had died in the flood. One of the victims was an eight-year-old girl named Amber.


creepy :/

Awwww that's really sad about Amber!!!!!! Kinda freaky ho she was alive when th board called her I thought they were supposed to be spirits..... Not scary kinda freaky and sad.

wow that is soo creepy



When was this? I live in Mobile, Alabama........

Omg that's freaky they say it's the devils game

wow awesome i like this story

this story was pretty good, it gave an aura of mystery and suspense in the minds of such little kids, and it relates to actuality, such as flash floods. very nice :)

i love this story

this good

wow!!!! is that true??????


wow that is a sad storey

it was scary n sad

Sad... I thought it was good though. It was spooky!

poor little girl

holy crap! that's scary!

i wonder who Amber really was... was she a ghost? or a person??

Omg, I'm never buying an ouija board

omg i almost started cry after reading it water from the bathroom was running and my mom screamed for my dad i rushed in there teriffied.............i didnt know to laugh or cry when i saw a mouse

This story is so sad.

this is a werid scary not to scary of a story but i liked it


wow! its nice

eeek i hav a frend named amber!!!

sadly spine chilling story....disturbed my soul though,!!!

wow spooky i live in alabama you dont know how many times ive heard this but amber is real ive heard and seen her i live in her house.

i like ur story it was good :)

Holy Man! not scary though... Sad

Awsome Story

That is some creepy stuff right there dude!

nice story

omg!!!! this is soooo sad

The sadest thing out of that whole story is even if the 9-1-1 people would have believed Mary it would have still have been too late. Nothing could have been done for that little girl sadly so!

omy that is verry weird but truly amazing and tragic icant believe that could hapen i blame the the comps for that not listen

this story is very intresting i really like this story.......and very very creepy good job to whoever wrote it .....give you props!

you never know if its true but i beleive it.

How sad.


omg my fingers got stuck on the ouija when i finally pulled them off all bloody it was sooo scary

i am scard of my oija board now owell i love oija

i wrote this storie for an asighntment and they loved it, but i changed up most of the stuff it said i got an A+ thanxx writer

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