Ghost Stories

The Lady in the Veil

Excerpted from Spooky Texas 

retold by 

S.E. Schlosser

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He had not expected to meet the woman of his dreams, but there she was strolling along in the moonlight beside the cemetery. Carlos quickened his pace until he was level with her, hoping for a glimpse of her face under her veil.

Carlos made a few remarks about the beautiful night and the lovely weather—anything to keep her talking. She stopped abruptly and turned to face him. He caught a glimpse of dark eyes glinting behind the veil.  

“What is it you want?” she asked.

“A date, Señorita. Just a date.” Carlos beamed at her.

She paused and said, “I do not know. Ask me again in this place at this time tomorrow night, and we shall see.”

Carlos’s heart leapt in his chest. So she was playing hard to get? Well, fair enough. He would see her tomorrow, and then she would fall into his arms!

The next day dragged by for the infatuated Carlos, and he had trouble concentrating on his work. But at last he was free and running the few blocks to his home to change into a suitable outfit.

He could barely contain himself, and he reached the cemetery a few minutes early. She was not there yet, so Carlos entertained himself by picturing his beautiful bride in their new home. Suddenly she was there in front of him, the moonlight sparkled off her veil. Carlos was enchanted.

They talked for hours, standing in front of the graveyard. She was as witty as she was beautiful, and Carlos begged her for a date.

“We will go out tomorrow night,” she said. “I will send you a letter with the place and time.” Carlos kissed her hand and floated away, so happy he wanted to sing for joy.

Carlos was absolutely useless at work the next day. After work, he rushed home and found a letter in his mailbox. Eagerly he read it, not pausing to wonder how she knew where he lived. Then he ran next door to show it to Diego, his closest cousin.

Diego went pale when he read her signature, Rosa Gonzale. This must be the same Rosa that died in a car crash last year. Diego tried to warn Carlos, but Carlos was already in love.

That night as Carlos hurried to the cemetery Diego followed, certain that his cousin was in over his head. Carlos bounded over to Rosa. “At last, we go out!” he cried to her. “But first, my love, show me your face!”

At his words, Rosa pulled aside the veil. Back at the gate, Diego gave a gasp of shock, for she had the desiccated face of a skeleton. He was frozen to the spot by the power of the evil specter, unable to warn Carlos. Looking down, Carlos only saw the glamour the ghost was projecting. As the skeleton’s withered arms trapped him, the veil on his eyes was lifted and he realized in one heart-stopping moment the abomination he was kissing. The ground opened up, and with a laugh of triumph, the specter pulled him down and down into her tomb. The earth closed over Carlos and Rosa.

Diego, freed from the ghost’s spell, ran into the cemetery, shouting his cousin’s name in terror. But it was too late. Carlos was dead—locked for all time in Rosa’s arms.


so much for till death do us part is overwhelming...even for Carlos!

very interesting....

OMG !! This Story Was Amazing !! This Whole Story Needs To Bekome Just One Book !!

Great Story!

oh my god that is freaking creepy COOL

this site is cool because i am looking for a spooky story to tell my friend at her sleepover and this site has got just it thanx

i love this story i also love scary stories

WOW that was strange

I think there should be more to it.

Frist of all if you see a person alone, at night, in the woods, at the cemetary, wouldnt that yell at you "CREEPER! RUN AWAY!" but noooo. this dude was not using his noodle.

if this guy had've thought with the CORRECT HEAD (lol) then he would've been aware of this deception. besides, who in their right mind tries to get a girlfriend at a CEMETERY of all places????!! yep, buddy deserved that one.



Really? This is so fake! that would never happen.


I think the story....was had suspence and scaryness!!!!!!

Whoa! That is wicked...

give me spooky penslvania

cute and sweet

I'm staying awayyyyyyyy!
sorry Carlos!

Nice one...but not that scared..south africa



that was just weird!! i dont get how that was scary!

really cool

wow amazing

cool!!!and shows how powerful love is lesson learned!!!never get a girlfriend in the centery!!!!


This story is very good. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow omg ive herd scaryer


WOW! keep sending stories like this please. THEY R AWESOME! i get really good ideas that i can also share in my story!

awesome but needs to go on and have more

Gosh this is scary. I feel so bad for carlos. Perfect storie too Freak my friend.

great story and spooky love it

that was awesome to scardycats


this story is so good great job but not so scary!!!!!!!

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna work out.


That was shockinq... Wow poor Carloses cousin(:

Not very good. I for one, was not freaked out at all whilst reading this.

Uh- I am now creeped out when my boyfriend says- "I will never let you out of my arms- I will hold you forever" It used to be sweet, but now it's just creepy. -_-

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