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Vampire Hermit

A Scary New York Folktale
Excerpted from Spooky New York

retold by S.E. Schlosser

She was nervous when her husband said they were to stay in the abandoned house, for it contained  the corpse of the hermit who once lived there, enshrined in a coffin in the loft. It was an old custom and one no longer popular among the Iroquois people, but the hermit had insisted upon it before his death.  There was good hunting in this place, her man had declared, and so they moved in and she unpacked their few belongings in the front room, refusing to go up into the loft where the hermit’s body lay.

When her husband left to hunt, she immediately put her daughter in the sling on her back and went to look for roots and berries, staying away until her husband returned with the meat.  As she prepared the evening meal for them, her husband, tired from his hunting, climbed up into the loft to rest.

The hut soon filled with the delicious smell of roasting meat. She was sorting through the berries when she heard a muffled cry and the crunch of breaking bones. As she stared upward, frozen in horror, blood started to drip from the rafters.

She crept silently to the far corner of the room where she could see up into the loft. A skeleton with glowing red eye sockets was feasting on the body of her husband. Its teeth and chin covered with blood,.

Her daughter stirred restlessly at her back, and she knew that she had to get away immediately.

“I am going to run down to the stream to fetch water for the broth,” she called toward the loft. “I will be right back.” She took the pail and walked toward the stream, trying to appear normal. As soon as she was out of sight among the trees, she started to run as fast as she could. She heard a terrible howl from the direction of the house as the creature heard them escaping and started to pursue. The young mother stumbled desperately through the woods, the creature’s howls growing closer as it pursued them.  Her little daughter wailed  in fright at her back as she fled in terror, sobbing and was almost without hope The monster was gaining on her.

In a last act of despair, she shouted the Iroquois distress cry, hoping someone would be near enough to hear it. Her call was taken up and answered by the warriors from the village. She could hear the creature breathing behind her as she sprinted to the trees at the edge of the village. Here, her strength failed her, and she collapsed to the ground,

Just before the monster could pounce on them, a party of warriors burst through the gates of the village chasing the skeleton away. They swung their torches wide, and the skeleton retreated farther into the woods.  The warriors chased the creature back to the hermit’s house, and set fire to the cabin. As the flames encompassed the house, a terrible howling and roaring came from the loft, and the vampire hermit fled into the woods in the form of a rabbit, never again to plague the young woman or her daughter.


Excerpted from Spooky New York retold by S.E. Schlosser


that was really good

I knew vampires were real


sc-c-c-car-r-r-r-yyyyy :'(

this is an awesome story
i relly liked it

This was kinda gory! But it was pretty scary. I love this website!!

WOW! Amazing story

that is so sacery

THAT WAS SCARY i freeked out great story EVER

that was scary


WoW! amazing story

nice i love vampires :)

cool story


kinda scary but not enough for me

scary wow

Cant Stop Readin All these stories!! I Belive It Is Scary :'(

waaaaaaaaa!!! im gonna cry!! !!!!waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Vampires aren't real, but still an awesome story.

Sweet story! Those Iroquios were tough!!!

i love vampires yet this is not the real characteristics of a vampire

hey thats cool I love scary stories especily vampier stories and that vampires are so awesome

Scary bur could have had a scary ending

Great story!


that was crazy

I like it!!!

So scarry

um.... creeppyyy!!!

mother was a coward though :/

ohhh god!!!!!!!!!!!!! it´`s amazing i love this story

Really awesome!!!!!
N scary,
I like it,@!

could be scaryer

Great story!

I love it :P

LOVED IT and this website keep up the good work (:

I told my sister vampires
were real


i really enjoyed that :))) is that creepy?

How come the vampire is a skeleton only? So weird.

just w-www-ow

this story is kind of scary

Was he a vampire or a zombie?
Vampires don't eat human body. They only drink blood.

good one

very scary but not so much


this story was pretty scary!!! I love this website!!!! :)

this story wasnt really scary but it was good

that was a good story, but it was not creepy at all!!

This is such a good story but it wasnt that scary...

i now feel like i should stay away from rabbits o.O

cool story it wasn't as good as Don't Turn On the Lights though but it was good all the same

this isnt a really vampire story but vampires are all kinds of forms

Ok creppy no doubt about tht

this story could have been alot more scary...but it was still pretty good

tht was a very goood story!!!!!! :)

That was awesome!! i imagined the vamp. as a huge skelation as a hump back. and the woman at the end her baby should have gottnen ripped off her back by the beast. that would have been a better ending.


not that scary it was alittle boring to me

Is this true

moral of the story is leave bunnies alone.

i thought this was super scaryy!!!

ewww lol tht was gud

this was good and kool

it is quite scary!!!

Mommmmmmmmmmmy. Save me :'((((((

that was a creepy story to me...

warriors rule!

very very creeepy

nice scaaaaaary story to read

Not much scary.


not really scary

nice story!!!


scary hahhahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahah

wow that was so intense. I felt like that monster was chasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wao.. Nyc story n i like vampairs. Bt it is nt real.

this story was pretty good but could of been a litttle scary but it was all good


WOW!!! this story is awesome! i LOVE this website cuz all their stories give me shivers!




I love vampire stories.... Thizz story....?
really kool man.....!

Exciting story!!:*


wwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww iiiiiiiiii lllllooooooovvvvvvvve iiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt

that story was awesome. but true is it?


This was an awsome story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....... different it was differnt

i am scared abit!

i love vamps

That was a different story. I thought the mother would get killed SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg so scary :,(

loved it! I just don't get why she would yell anything first cuz he could have attaked her.


super scary i new that vampires were real.

that was really good

was good

So cool I love scary story's!!!!!!!! :)

That was cool and scathe at the same time!!!

i Love this one! i telling going to tell it to one of my friends tonight this weekend when she comeover..i cant wait!

I love vampires

It's very very scary!!!
The Iroquois warriors are cool!

Scary, but I thought it would be a sad ending

cool vampires are real

i loved the story kinda gory though still really good :}

That was good! I wish there was more, but than again its perfect the way it is!

it waaassssa aaaaaassssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

very good story

Wow blood . I liked it but I have seen this heard that . The vampire in my mind looked different than real vampires

I may never see a rabbit the same way again.

Nice story but could have been more scary

Very good story

I like vampire story

wow that was so scary

cool story bro

this is awesome!!!! <3 vampiresss lolzz :)

I really love this story i think i should read it to my little 2nd gr sister.

that was not very scary

a little weird, but awsome

this story is the best ive ever read and cool

This story is awesome I like it nice job

I just read a storie a lot like this one

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