Yellowstone Ghost Stories

The Headless Bride

A Yellowstone National Park Ghost Story 
retold by S.E. Schlosser 

Excerpted from Spooky Yellowstone 

The Crows Nest     Once there was a lovely young woman growing up in a wealthy shipping family in New York.   In those days, wealthy young women were expected to make their debut in society and to marry a wealthy young man from a good family.  But our young lady was a bit of a rebel.  When she grew old enough to marry, she scorned the wealthy young society men in favor of an older man who was working as a servant in her house. 

Once there was a lovely young woman growing up in a wealthy shipping family in New York.In those days, wealthy young women were expected to make their debut in society and to marry a wealthy young man from a good family.But our young lady was a bit of a rebel.When she grew old enough to marry, she scorned the wealthy young society men in favor of an older man who was working as a servant in her house.

     Of course, there was a big argument within the family when the young woman announced her choice of husband.  Her parents were furious, particularly her father, who accused the servant of courting his daughter in order to gain a prominent position in the shipping company.  When the young lady insisted upon the marriage, her father gave the couple a lump sum of cash with the stipulation that they leave New York after the wedding and never come back.

        By the time the young couple reached the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, the new husband had gambled away all of the money that his wife’s family had bestowed upon the newlyweds.  There was barely enough money for the couple to finish their honeymoon trip, and nothing whatsoever with which to buy a house or start a family. 

      The young woman was upset with her husband.  They had quarreled often about money during their honeymoon journey, and by this time, she knew that her father had been right about the greed of her new husband.  He was obviously more interested in her money than in her.  Still, the couple was flat broke and needed something to pay the concessioners here at Yellowstone, so she telephoned her father to ask him for some money.  Her father refused to give her a penny. 

      That night, the couple had a terrific fight in the relative privacy of their bedroom at the inn.  The husband stalked out of the Inn in a fury, leaving his bride locked in her room.   The bride did not emerge for days, and finally the staff of the Inn sent someone to check on her.  

      No one answered when the housekeeper knocked on the door.  Using the housekeeping key, the staffer sent stepped into the room and gasped in shock.  The room looked as if a hurricane had swept through the interior.  Clothes were strewn everywhere, and the bedclothes were partially on the floor.  Worse, the housekeeper was overwhelmed by the metallic odor smell that permeated everything.  There was no sign of the bride, but the stink that wafted from the attached bathroom hinted at what the housekeeper might see.  Lying in the bathtub in a pool of congealed blood was the body of the unhappy bride, which ended grotesquely in the ragged stump of a neck.  Her head was nowhere to be seen.    

      The housekeeper’s screams summoned the rest of the staff.  The authorities were summoned, the family was notified and the room cleaned.  Everything was done to locate the murderer, but the husband was never apprehended.  Finally, the whole story was hushed up to avoid scandal to the prominent family. 

      A few days after the discovery of the murder, a foul smell up in the Crows Nest where the musicians often played for the evening dances was traced to its source:  The bride’s severed head.  Tousled blond curls framed the wide-eyed, horror-twisted face; already beginning to rot.   

      The burial of the poor, murdered bride should have been the end of the terrible incident.   And so it proved, until one midnight when a staff member who was up late reading a book heard a strange noise coming from the lobby.  It was the stroke of midnight when he hurried out onto the balcony and looked upward, seeking the source of the noise.  He looked up towards the Crows Nest, far above, and saw a glowing figure in white slowly descending the stairs from the Crows Nest.  Tucked under its arm was a tousle-curled, wide-eyed head!  Frozen with horror, the man watched the bride descend the steps and float along the corridor until she reached the door of her room.  Then she vanished!    

      From that day onward, there are people who say they can see the headless bride walking down the stairs from the Crows Nest at the stroke of midnight; sadly seeking for her lost husband and her lost dreams.  Myself, I’ve never stayed up to see.

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thatsso scary...I WANT MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



It was alright i guess. Just the same typical ghost stories

I wonder if da husband killed her???? Good story.

That is like so scary LOL!!!!! you need to write more!!!!



that was not scary -_-

Yes her husband killed.- who else could've



Ahhhh scary i would never have thought about finding that terrific noise !!!!


is this a real story?!


I think it is hard to find stories as good as this one now a days.

scary story super scary!

aaawwww SCARYYYY


thats a awsome story you need to put more writting about it on there, also its very sad. :(

Oh well.. Moral of the story is that, always listen to your parents no matter what... I Feel sorry for her though.


wow that was a scary yet cool story

How did she really chop her head off in the first place

This is not scary I almost slept when I read it -_-

Nice story. Could have been a little more scary though, but besides that it was a very nice story.

im so scard to go to a hotel now after reading that story no more hotels for meee

omg scary

nice story

This was good but it should be a little bit more scary. It needs some kind of twist.

Good story i bet the husband did it


i've heard scarier...

utterly grusome. kool

that was really thrilling!we want some more....

Seriously write a book cause that was awesome

that was a realy scary story after reading that i dont want to go to a hotal no more for me you should keep writing verey scary keep up the good work liked it alot i want more but foreal you can tell the husband did it ahhhhhhhhhhh boyszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so crazy

You scared the fudge out of me!=(

dode this story is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

O-M-G!Pretty creepy!

It would have made it scarier if the husband came back on the wife was sitting on the bed with her head next to her smiling at him....... Then I might have been a little bit more scared

this is OK 6.5

well this story is real cuz i went there and i saw the lady

its wasn't ta husband it was her she was so depressed did it to herself why would she be looking for her husband if he did it 2 her so obvious!


That wasnt even scary!!! I can't believe so many comments think it is. By the way how did she even get her head cut off!!! I mean who just cuts someone's head off because there mad!?! I'm trying to find some scary story's!! I guess I have to look somewhere else!!:(

I hope I don't die like that poor wife.

Wow scary! but sad story :(

that was awesome !!!! (:

is this a true story

IF you have a look in the picture right side of the window there seems to be a ghostly figure.CREEPY!


for me, it's the most scary and thrilling story. i love it.

that was a good story

this is not just a "typical story." you "anonymous" must have not read a lot of awesome stories. so read more and don't just call them "typical stories.

the headless bride must be so sad... her head got taken away by a bird.


That was so scary luv it i want more pleaes

._. OMG its so scary Sikeeeeeeeeee

that was great please make more

I won't sleep tonight OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awsome on a scale of one to ten I'd give that a nine

Cool story

reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooo scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...... i jst lv it...............

Wow so cool


more more i want more. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

soooooo scary give us more

well done good story

Anonymous u r right it IS HARD TO FIND A SCARY STORY now a days

woooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww i bet i could write it way scarier than that and im only 14,i like to get scared i could do better i dont mean to be a hater but i could.

that stupid husband

rather sad 1st folin 4 da rong guy den spendin eterniy lukin 4 him n worse of al is she never got her revenge n da husband probably had a gud lyf after

is it real

Scary and sad. D:

more please

it was okay but its not very origanal though.

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
but sad too sad who would do that X(

it was ok


im 10 and not scared try better kay
i am a fan of ghosts!

I think the husband killed her...

I Think The Husband Killed Her!

That's so sad. People are f$#%ing disgusting. F$#%ing @#%hole


Good story, But i think it would of been better if we knew who the murderer was, maybe she took her own life? idk

WOw I am freaking out right now because I researched it some more and I took a bath in the bathtub she got murdered in 0_o

maybe she commited suicide????? awesme story mate need more!!!

Nice story man write more seriously u rock Lol

not scary

im scared

we'll try that :P ;)

please i'm just a kid .my brother gave me this wed site and now i hate it but a keep reading more so please stop typing scary stuff

theese are buetiffly written but i think they should be a bit longer

that was great it was even a little predictable.

Omg... thats soul girl walking down the stairs.

That gave me a nightmare XD

WOW that is very creapy omg i am shaking

I don't think it was that scary then again it has lots of meaning to it although I wish to know who the killer was

πŸ˜₯that was freaky I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sleep tonightπŸ˜₯

Based on a truu story( 2Chainz)


OMG! that was so scary!!!!!!!

Love it


i read the rest of the book and her husband didnt kill her
a staff member did the 1st housekeeper.

That was so cool!!!!!!!! How do you come up with all these ghost stories?????

I luv scary stories!

So not scary πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

That was WICKED!!

i think she did it because it said he locked her inside the closet but it doesn't say her husband killed her or cut her head off

To scary

never trust men this proves their crazy

i bet it was the husband..... why else would he have left so suddenly.....

Scary its 930 pm

Nice scary scared..


i did not like it

Wow!!!So scary!!!Almost freaked out to death!

Really? thats not even scary. maybe if she was brutally tortured before getting her head cut off, but even then probably not, cause it's the typical 'lost ghost' scary story. Give us something classic but with an actual twist! Something not just goosebump worthy but Bone-chilling worthy!!

how did the bride lost her head if her husbend just locked her inside the room??? great story i love it


interesting story

that was totally awesome
I wish i knew stories like that, that will be great for my sleepover



it's like the headless hores man of hallow ween
but itz a brid and she's looking for her husband

I really liked it and if this gets posted, say I if u bielive in ghosts. I know i do. im thinking about being a ghost hunter when i older

Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

this is awesome is this real

THAT WAS SO SAD, not as scary as it was sad to me

It is almost midnight 11:51 to be exacted, and II am so scared I could screem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boring..... give me something scary... please goodness that is sooooo boring

thats really good, but scary at the same time

Aw. I feel really bad for that wife. What did she do, I know she married a older man, but she didn't deserved to be killed, or even become headless.


it was ok,just really wearied yes that is my real name!

I've been to old faithful inn!

I wonder if its real...beacuse thiers a pic!!!!

cool story bro tell it again

hey ......... gr8 work


I saw this story where a new married man left his wife on their honeymoon and she committed suicide. They tracked down the man and took him to the hotel room and broke down and cried longing to take back his mistakes. He said he couldn't remember what the argument was about but hoped it was important. After he told the interbviewer the whole time he was crying he felt his wife's cold ghost hand holding his shoulders and heard her humming softly though no one else heard it.

Mabey she killed her self because she didnt want to live with debt or her husband

help me don't read this
too scarry that chick is mest up i will never sleep
agan in my life

never going to new yourk ever in my life the husben must be realy despret

that was creepy!


Ummmmmmm... interesting, i guess. -_- :P

Classic story. Gave me chills, tho. :/

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! Please don' tell dis type of story i can't sleep for 1 week.But still this is awesome.

I am never going to marry!!

it was pretty scary but it could have been more gruesome and this is coming from a 10 year old!!!!!!!

He probably had like anger issues so he trashed the place then killed the bride

Nice Story!

it was okay.

Wtf but lol scary

ok,the headless horseman had too much detail to make you even think it was real in the slightest,not to mention that know he's not,but this,i may not sleep tonight!REALLY,THIS IS THE SCARIEST STORY EVER!

It is very scary


omg omg that was more scary than the BLOODY MARY one! poor bride she died a painful death! i think i heard this story before and i believe it is a true story too!!!!!!!!!!!

A few years ago me and my family stayed here. We were on the balcony and my father took many pictures of the entire lobby. Later, in Cody Wyoming, I read about the headless bride in a ghost book. My father the. Looked through his pictures and saw an odd reflection on the ground. We put the peices together and realized it looks like a brides dress... With out a head. The book said that she is often seen dancing in the lobby. It happens that when he took the picture, there was a skilled pianist playin a beautiful song on the piano in the back ground. The evidence was all there, and it makes me think that there is some truth this old story. However, my dads phone with the pictures broke a month later due to water damage. The picture is gone forever but the evidence makes me cringe in wonder and fear.

yall want real scary stories look up trinidadian folk tales

Is it really

Wow, that was one of my top ten scariest story's! After all.... I get scared easily!😁😳😫😨😱

ahem...thats my sis *dead from the last story*'s frend! shes gonna b heart broken when i tell her grave

that was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo scary a lot more scary than the one i just watch dancng with the devil

for onces you people have gotten me close to beliveing in a so called scary story... wow... i wish this could be a book or movie this seems so real!!!!!!!! way to go!!!

Wow freeky

Freaking scary

ill give it a 4.5

that was scarryyy!!! where did the husband disappear to? who killed her?


You wimps you say scary on everything and this is the first slightly scary one I've seen and Its still not scary


Almost like la lorana but scary :-)

what if that is real

BORING! It's like any other ghost story...

I like the story.. But there are a few loose ends. Why was her head severed? Was it if fact the husband? Why, assuming it was the husband, is she longing for him? What was so great about him to her anyways? .... Though all in all a good read.

Wowie. That was weird.


thats a good story and its ovi that the husband did it who else would lol.

5.5 out of 10

that's really. Who the heck would do that? I feel sorry for the dead bride. 8.I

that like, sooo crepy. u need to write more S.E. Schollser

Meh, it was ok. It's hard finding a story that actually a scarres me...


This was spooktaculaur i want more and the husband did it and how am i sure u ask i know things ate real when i see them!!

Wow!super scary! You should totally stay up to see her.

Dang a least she's not angry

It was scary but kind of not

I love it but I would like it if it was scaryer xx

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,oh my godness

more pleas

this story was sad and scary story [i wish she'll kill that idiot for betraying her]

ouh scary looooovvve it :) : ) yeh

I think it is sad that the husband wanted her for her money and beheaded her later on. TSK TSK

cool story and may we have more stories

not scary

not scary at all

wow thats just cruel

lamemooooooooooooo as lammeo nd lameo as a frog eaing duh

Scary but a good story

Hey all that are reading this I ask you a question How do I give a story to you guys?also Would you like me to put a story on for you guys? Plz comment me back.

extremly scary

So good I see the same apparition in my house weird laters.


it was boring



oooooo snap

The whole story was CREEPY!!!

awesome but not scary

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