Urban Legends

Hatchet Man

A Scary Folktale

retold by S.E. Schlosser 

excerpted from Spooky Indiana 

      There were warnings all over campus about a Hatchet Man who was supposedly abused and killed a woman in Bloomington.  All the girls were warned to walk in pairs and to stay in brightly lit areas if they had to go out at night. 
      The sophomore and her roommate were staying in the empty dorm over Thanksgiving break, since both their families were out of the country.  They grown very bored as day followed boring day and night followed boring night.  Tired of staying inside every night for fear of the Hatchet Man, her roommate suggested they have dinner at the local bar, and the sophomore agreed. 
      The two women had lingered longer than anticipated, and it was almost midnight when the sophomore, more than a little drunk, decided to walk back to the dorm.  Her roommate was busy flirting with the bartender, so she headed into the dark, silent streets alone.  The sophomore had forgotten all about the Hatchet Man warnings.  It wasn’t until she took a shortcut through a dark, creepy alley that she remembered there was a desperate murderer on the loose. 
       The sophomore shivered, feeling suddenly sober and very much alone.  She felt as if hostile eyes were peering out at her from every menacing shadow and darkened doorway.    She quickened her pace.   Was that heavy breathing she heard behind her?  Were those footsteps walking in time with her own? 
      The sophomore broke into a run; heart pounding fiercely, sure that someone was following her.   She darted onto the college campus, zigzagged through the buildings and flung herself panting into the dorm.  She pounded up three flights of stairs, down the hall and slammed into her room, locking the door behind her.  It was only then, leaning against the door with her heart racing, that she started to feel foolish.  There was no sound from the hallway.  No footsteps, no heavy breathing.  No hatchet breaking through the wood of the door.  She'd been a fool. 
      The sophomore staggered to the bathroom to wash up for the night, leaving the door locked behind her.  She kept glancing in the mirror to make sure that everything was secure.  The scene in the mirror was normal.  And there was no sound in the empty dormitory.  Everything was just fine, she told herself. 
      Then she remembered that her roommate was still at the bar.  She didn't want her roommate to walk home alone, so she called the bar and asked the manager if he would arrange for her roommate to be brought home in a taxi.  The music in the background was loud, and she wasn't sure if the manager understood her request.  But at least she'd tried. 
      The sophomore curled up in bed with the reading lamp on, determined to wait up for her roommate.  But the combination of heavy drinking and her earlier fright sent her into a deep sleep almost at once, and she did not awaken until the sun came pouring in the window, early the next morning. 
      She woke with a hangover and rolled over, trying not to be sick in the bed.  When she looked across the room, she realized that her roommate wasn't in the bed on the far wall.  In fact, it looked as if her bed had not been slept in at all! 
        She rolled to her feet, heart pounding with dread.  Maybe her roommate had spent the night in the lobby?  Her roommate had done that once before when out partying until the wee hours of the morning, saying it was too much trouble to climb three flights of stairs. 
      With trembling hands, the sophomore unlocked the door and wrenched it open in search of her roommate.  The unmistakable, faintly metallic scent of blood smashed into her nostrils as the door swung open.  That was her only warning before her shocked eyes saw blood spattered all over the walls and floor of the third-floor hallway.  She screamed in terror, leaping backward away from the partially decapitated body of her roommate, which lay dead at her feet.  Her throat was slit from end to end and blood pooled under her dead body.  The nails on her outstretched hand were torn and splintered where they had scratched desperately at the wooden door. 
        A black shadow lay across her roommate’s body.  She looked up in a daze, her gaze following the black shadow to its source.  Embedded in the window frame near the entrance to the staircase was a bloodstained hatchet, outlined in the light of the rising sun.   



Wow that was one of the scary stories I have ever read

creepy and awesome! ya`ll must make more of these!

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Great short-story.I thought it was well written with great suspense,although I must admit I kind of saw the the locked door as the pivital changing point in the story.But then again,I also see it happening with most movies and t.v. shows with a similar plot, so what am I complaining about.L.O.L.

omg i love this story

this story is crazy!!!!

wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ;live there watf i want too move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sooooooooooooooo scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :(


this reminds me of a story called oh susannah


Lush story, you should make them longer, but can you send some to my email please?

not that scary


At first i thought the sophomore was gonna die...But it turned out to be the roommate. All the stories on this site are kind of similar, though. ;D

that was so scary!

o.o scared to death

What did the bartender not understand English
Poor girl
The friend should have left with her friend in stead of alone

Allisa says cool :)<3. Cameron says totally scary will sacre anybody but Allisa.



Weird but good I should tell this to my little sister and she'll pee in her bed

Omg I knew that was going to happen

SCREAPY: scary and creapy



this was really good!!

that is one of the most scariest stories I have ever read !!!!!!!!!!!

Omg scary what if that realy happened O .O

One of the best story but needs more at the end.

i thought it was a great story.

Eek!! Creepy!

This was wierd. Not that scary. It would of been better if at the end she looked up and the shadoow was the Hatchet Man and he killed her..

wow. nice one. were the footsteps behind her from her roommate?


woah scary! I don't want to go to a dormitory again great story.

not by much though, good description

i really liked that story the girl must have been frantic when trying to escape her death

scary but needs better ending apart from ending loved it


omg so creepy!!! T_T i will never do that

wow, this is scary


Watch your back because the hatchet girls are on the loose! Lock you doors. Check you kitchen and always have a knife on you. We will get you. ;D

Wow. Scary but not enough to really scare anyone. More detail but it was good.

Awesome story, didn't make me pee my pants or scream, but still it was really good.

Awesome!!!! It scared me s****less!!!!

omg so scary!



very scary!!!!!!!!!!!


omg omg omg!!!!! I almost died!!

I loved it!


OMG, SO SCARY! I'm a softomore and now I'm going to get nightmares. But whatev' !

interesting but not that much wierd

seriously, ok so the hatchet man is a ghost or shadow who can murder people and he leaves evidence behind that he was there and murdered him/her?

wat hapns 2 da sophmore
scary s**t




this story was pretty scary and realistic. i am never going to go outside at nighttime on my own.


Boo. I laughed.

i like it

This is the story ive been looking for :)

its so scary im glad its not real

It was like a story to pass out at a camp fire

OMG. That freaked me out!!!


Why did this story end this way and this was an interesting way of telling a story


It was scary

that was SCARY! :o


Nice story

This isn't scary but it's totally sick

Awesome.... I have heard this story in different ways but this ones a good one too.

Cool stor

I want more of this story

that was a great bloody one. Just loved it.

That was creepy...

In south africa its the man with a hook that kills couples in a lovers lane

Okay I'm a bit scared now. And my heart is racing.

wow pretty dang cool but don't believe it.

Oh my goodness. This is so creepy.


Wow nice story i just have 1 comment on it *creepy*


Very creepy


CREEPY that was sooòooòo weird i didn't know that she got killed

that scared the crap out of me

That was awesome I can use that to scare my friends

This was awesome I will never go to college i aint scared it is juts a waist of time like school!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this story I wish they had a movie!!!!

freaky crap

this sound like what happened in West Kentucky in a college an axe murder killed to girls over spring break there.

wow that was scary
i flet goosebumps



That was a freaky scary story

Wow kinda gross but awesome!!!!
Love it


really scary,captivating,and demoralizing.I am really out of words.

im so scared ahhhhhhhhhhh MOMMY!!!


Creepy.....I would have waited for her roommate..leaving her there wasn't a good idea...

That was freaking scary as freak $#!t I think Imma have nightmares of skool DX

It was interesting.. i thought the the girl left the bar would have been killed

tell us more

she should have had a weapon with her

ohhhhhhhhh!!!! i was scared


Is it a true story,I'm a bit freaked out I live in Indiana. Oh well


ok, but not as scary as some other stories. Check out Axe Murder Hollow :)

i loved it

i'm shaking...

this reminds me of oh Susannah to

I loved it until you stopped without telling us what happened to the sophomore. seriously wtf, come on people need to know. -.- disappointed because of it to be honest

this story is crazy

That Story Was A1 And IT Was A Lil Scaryyy.!!!!!!!!!1



OMg so creepy man i am gonna have nitemears ahh

it feels like something stuck in my throat!

it is very good

The locking door thing should not have happend!!!!!

someone said earlier this story reminds them of Oh Susannah. I read that too. Great story, though! It scraed me pretty well. :)

not scary

I saw that coming but wow it was scarrrrrrrrryyyyy

so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This story is so spooky it made chills run up my back when my friend told it to us around her campfire last night and none of us slept outside that is how spooked we were:( I guess never again and plus it was a haunted night for partying I guess lol:)

nice 1 jack

wow I live in Bloomington Idaho and I had to make sure to lock my doors real quick........ HATE SCARY THINGS!!!!! LOL love it!!!!

realy cool but now I don't want to be a sophmor

very scary.o_o . Heart beating real fast!!! Ha!

That was scary. I might have nightmares :(

kick a** story lol:)

I honestly didnt find this scary.....


but why would would they do that to the girl it is a good Halloween story but not for kids.it should be published.

Right now were spossed 2 b afrade of colledg
great just completely great

this makes me want pie.

omg awesome and scary

Horrible story

seen the movie

I love the story because it is the kind of stuff i like to read and make up.

Omg thats creepy that poor girl O.o

That was AWESOME!!!!!!

that was cool scary and creepy it was well writen and i loved it it wasnt that scary but it is still cool

I looked it up and it is ture

i have nevar read this is it good

this story was the best story ever

Way cooler than my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-_- sO sCArY iT wAS fUnnY lOL :D xD

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