2007 Countdown to Halloween

Ghosts and ghoulies and the devil come out to play in this collection of the scariest stories published on American Folklore. Great for Halloween!

2008 Countdown to Halloween

Join S.E. Schlosser in her spooky annual countdown to Halloween! Spooky ghost stories, scary tales and podcasts, perfect for sharing around the campfire, or at your next sleepover party!

2009 Countdown to Halloween

Join us for another season of Spooky stories at AmericanFolklore.net. Author S.E. Schlosser retells spooky tales and scary urban legends from across the United States in this 2009 countdown that is guaranteed to frighten all but the most stout of hearts!

2010 Countdown to Halloween

S.E. Schlosser, author of the Spooky Series, retells a new set of ghost stories and spooky podcasts; getting scarier each week until Halloween 2010! Scary ghost stories are retold from American Folklore.

2011 Countdown to Halloween

Eight new spooky stories from the annual Countdown to Halloween.

2012 Countdown to Halloween

Take a walk on the spooky side with these Halloween ghost stories and scary tales retold by the reknown folklorist S.E. Schlosser.

2013 Countdown to Halloween

Scary ghost stories are retold by S.E. Schlosser in this fun-filled event leading up to Halloween 2013!

A Serving of Witch's Stew

Serve yourself a bowl of witch's stew with this fun Halloween game. Great for parties.

Halloween Guessing Game

Materials:  Paper, Safety pinsAs each party-guest arrives, pin a card with a Halloween word or phrase onto their back.  The guest must try to guess the word or phrase by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.  No peeking in a mirror...

Halloween Jokes

What do you call a fat Jack-O-Lantern? What's a vampire's favorite fast food? What do you use to mend a Jack-O-Lantern? Find the answers on our Halloween Jokes page.

Halloween Jokes

Check out these funny Halloween jokes.

Halloween Superstitions

Halloween is a time when common superstitions, folklore, myths and omens seem to carry more weight, due to a thinning of the wall between the physical and supernatural worlds. A superstition is a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck.

Halloween Tongue Twisters

Try out some tricky tongue twisters with a Halloween theme!

Kid's Halloween Stories

Here are some spooky stories for the younger folks at your Halloween bonfire!

More Halloween Jokes

What do you call a skeleton who won't work? How do witches keep their hair in place while flying? What was the witch's favorite subject in school? Find the spooky answers on our More Halloween Jokes page.

Prison Break

Callahan was huddled in a cavern near the Pacific Ocean when the Feds closed in. There were still shreds of human flesh under his fingernails when the serial killer surrendered to the inevitable capture. They could put him behind bars, he vowed as they dragged him down the narrow path toward the waiting cars, but he would escape. And then they'd be sorry

The Skeleton Thief

In this Halloween Treasure Hunt, a rascally skeleton steals a cauldron of candy right out of the hall and takes it to his Skeleton Ball. Can you find the cauldron of candy before the Skeletons eat it all up?

What is Halloween?

Halloween or “All Hallows Even” is a yearly celebration observed on October 31st which combines traditions from festivals of the dead such as the Celtic Samhain (Summer’s End) with medieval Catholic observances on the eve of All Saints Day; a day of pray which commemorates saint and martyrs.

Why is a Black Cat bad luck?

Black Cats weren’t always considered bad luck. In early Egyptian times, dating back as far as 3000 BC, the domesticated cat became a symbol of grace and poise and was praised for its ability to kill cobras and other vermin.

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